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Fully automatic unattended airport platform

Under the control of the platform, the uav will take off automatically from the airport on duty, guide the uav to fly automatically according to the established patrol line, and adopt multiple positioning technology It provides safety guarantee for reliable and accurate automatic flight and realizes accurate measurement operation.

  • Falcon uav
  • Falcon uav
  • Falcon uav
Falcon uav

Automatic operation

It can realize automatic charging/changing of batteries, and can provide comprehensive operation support. The uav inspection equipped with detection equipment can improve the fault The accuracy of diagnosis, under the control of the fully automatic unattended airport platform, can achieve fully automatic operation, greatly improve the efficiency of patrol inspection.

Falcon uav

AI computing, real-time interaction

The onboard AI sends the identification data to the command
center in real time for the crew to view in real time Flight path,
efficient management of uav inspection efficiency, access to
quality and fast inspection data report.

Application scenarios
System / Fully automatic unattended airport platform
Technical parameters
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